On the Romanian Melting Pot or How to Talk About Amazing People

Sometimes you meet people that make you smile and look at life in a different manner. The good kind of different. This doesn’t happen very often and moreover, change does not always take a lot of time. The most amazing moments are those in which you realise that change is a matter of a blink of an eye, a stir of a tablespoon of sugar in your coffee. Tick. Tock. Just like that.

Some Fridays are destined to be great and there a couple of people who know that. This story is about Ali, Cory, Jonathan and Louise.

Ali is the type of person with whom you could talk 24/7 and then realise you still have so many other things to talk about. He is big-hearted, witty, fast and he has a hidden superpower I will now diclose: he makes people smile. With their whole being. Quite often, I might add. He is also a people reader. And one more thing, he helps people find their shadow. Get up and move towards your switch. He is the type of person who enjoys Green Tea and makes you enjoy your coffee. Ali has to know this and moreover, he has to know that every single night is and will be young. And yellow. And the elephant will bring you good luck. Always.

Cory is the type of person who enjoys life and infuses people with positive energy. He is the kind of person who will dance barefoot not because he is not dreamer that spends a lot of time next to the clouds in the sky, but because he likes to feel the energy of the Earth. Cory is very appreciative when it comes to people, and this might be connected to something he likes: Anthropology, but at the same time, I really think this has to do with this saying “It takes one to know one’’. Cory is a great person. Kudos.

Jonathan is the type of person who enjoys learning new things. He enjoys laughing and most of the time, he smiles and smiles, and then he smiles some more. He has got a great sense of humour and he enjoys being around people. He likes to wander down the streets, he likes to ask a lot of questions and basically, he strives to get to know as much as possible about every single thing, and he also likes to tease Cory, but that’s a different story because what’s important is that they both give out a positive vibe.

Louise is the type of person who likes talking to new people. She might have got lost one night, but she seems to be the kind of person that will find the right place to be. She is friendly and she likes kangaroos, even though she invited me over for a kangaroo barbecue. She also likes Justin Timberlake. Louise is a very nice person and I hope life will make her smile. Often.

The story does not have an end because the amazing people you meet will always be a part of your life one way or another.

P.S.: guys, whenever you’re in town you can count on me for being the goddess and the friend you said I am


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